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  • my dear: Saudi Arabia King --- who: can no longer do, any war, during the period of my kingdom: without my permission? so, I have imposed 50 years of peace, to all mankind: Nations and Peoples, and then, sorry, I have did buy, to you: so many weapons, all useless, only because I was very angry: against you! but, but, as, weapons could be useful in order to counter China and Russia?? and which: is the sense of a weapon in a nuclear war? and with thousands of drones flying: to THE artificial intelligence? which deal would be a universal destruction? "Bashar al-Asad is a good guy! The best of the Muslims, as indeed: he can leave the power: if he knowing, that: of course: your: "fellow Muslims, Sunnis: salafis of Al Quaeda, "will do, the genocide: of all diversity?.
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    my dear: Saudi Arabia King --- that is exactly what has happened everywhere: where are came the bloody arms of the CIA: NATO, ie the IMF 666 ... where, which Christianity: has remained in Kosovo?:, and how who many are left in Iraq? "Bashar al-Asad, he does not have a problem with the power, and if, I say to him to leave the government? he would obey me, because mine are all people: and all Peoples! and then, as, I can do the evil to all my enemies, in a supernatural way ?, so, also, I can do the good, in a supernatural way to all my friends! end of history: World War III which, who Enlightened, can be done in this situation: of the my universal power?

@ King of Saudi Arabia: Friend! - What the saying goes? "only, to death there is no remedy!" then. if you have decided to live: yet? then, I have no difficulty to overcome every difficulty, because, as has been amply demonstrated, I am mightily blessed by God: mine and yours Holy Allah! who could deny something to unius REI, the consecrated: Governor of God? but, if someone, can prove to be right, against me? sure, he may lodge an objection ... but, honestly? could never exist: in the world: an justice superior to mine, and if he could exist? Glory to God in every way! because even, I will submit: myself: in this case and would be happy to obey him, for truth and justice are the universal rule: that all will be forced: to follow! therefore, will never be suffocated the truth as one has done so far: in this regime, satanic and, Masonic, of banking seigniorage!